The light scent of spruce branches is filling the place.
Eating chocolate has left its marks on the teenager’s face.
The whole family gathers again for Christmas
The credit card bill does not come before January.

The audio track of cartoons lifts the blood pressure
There’s a bit of oven cleaner in the rutabaga box.
Obstinate grandmother is poisoning mother’s Christmas
It’s inevitable to force ham on vegetarian

Christmas peace!

Pieces of cork are floating on the Christmas wine
Cutting the farm subsidies can be seen from the price of ham
The Santa is coming before the Christmas sauna
Synthetic beard makes the uncle sneeze.

Father gets a new dust bag for the vacuum cleaner from mother-in-law
“It’s the thought that counts”, whispers mom
A snowman, guarding, stands on the yard
You can taste the hormones in roast meet.

Christmas peace!

Mom thinks about the circulating of wrapping papers
Father is obsessively videotaping every moment.
A stain of candlewax glitters on tablecloth
Table booze marinates the liver of Father-in-law

Though you can’t really escape the Christmas duties
The self-delusion will help you to remember only the good parts.
The snow is silently floating down, the ground is sleeping under the snow.
When the outdoor candle dies down, the snowman fells asleep.